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Building a Strong Partnership: The Key to Successful Embedded Servicing Outsourcing

What are your business objectives and primary motivations?

It’s essential to clarify your business objectives and motivations before considering outsourcing. While cost reduction is a common reason, it’s important to recognize that initial savings may not be the only benefit. If cost is your sole focus, you might overlook potential challenges and regret the decision later.

Beyond cost, enhancing customer service can be a significant goal. Exceptional customer service can differentiate your business and drive growth. Partnering with an experienced outsourcer like Servicing Solutions can bring in valuable expertise, improve hiring and retention, implement best practices, and enhance customer satisfaction through better technology decisions. Many companies are seeing positive ROI from investing in superior customer service.


Are you seeking a vendor or a partner?

Deciding whether you need a vendor or a partner is crucial. If you’re looking for a vendor to simply take over operations, be prepared for potential surprises. An outsourcing partner requires thorough understanding and ongoing support to adapt and improve your processes. Viewing the relationship as a partnership rather than a vendor-client arrangement allows you to leverage the outsourcer’s expertise fully. Strong communication and collaboration can lead to continuous improvements and valuable feedback from agents who interact directly with your customers. Choosing an experienced partner like Servicing Solutions ensures personalized attention to your business needs.


Is your customer service team stable or in crisis?

Outsourcing will not be an instant fix for a team in crisis. While it may be the right decision, don’t expect immediate results if your processes and technology are outdated. An outsourcing partner will first need to understand your current operations and manage existing challenges. Having a stable team, a solid knowledge base, and effective training processes in place will help the partner make steady improvements and achieve the desired outcomes.


How unified and experienced are your stakeholders?

Stakeholder alignment and experience are key to a successful outsourcing decision. If your team isn’t unified in their goals and needs, you might struggle to select the right partner or set clear expectations. An inexperienced team may find it challenging to provide the necessary support and understand the partner’s results. Ensuring that your stakeholders are on the same page and have sufficient experience with the business will facilitate a smoother transition and better collaboration.


How will you measure the success of your outsourcing partner?

Clear metrics and success criteria are vital for evaluating your outsourcing partner. Determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be monitored and ensure you have reliable ways to measure them. If you don’t have established metrics like average handle time or average response time, it will be challenging to assess the partnership’s effectiveness. Being clear on how success will be measured from the start will help both parties stay aligned and focused on achieving the desired outcomes.


Is your contact center a critical part of your business?

If your contact center is essential to your business operations, outsourcing can be a strategic move to enhance reliability and efficiency. Partnering with a reliable outsourcer like Servicing Solutions can provide significant benefits, particularly if your business faces scenarios like power outages, internet disruptions, or severe weather events. Here’s why:

Business Continuity: With multiple sites, Servicing Solutions ensures your contact center remains operational under any circumstances. We have robust disaster recovery plans and can seamlessly manage increased call volumes, holiday peaks, and unexpected disruptions.

Scalability: Outsourcing allows you to handle fluctuations in call volume without compromising on service quality. Our multiple locations are equipped to manage your needs efficiently, ensuring your customers always receive prompt and effective service.

Expertise: Leveraging our expertise allows you to maintain control over core functions while benefiting from our specialized knowledge. As an extension of your team, we bring in best practices, advanced technology, and a wealth of experience from various industries to enhance your operations.

Resource Optimization: By outsourcing, you free up internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives. Our multiple sites offer the flexibility to scale operations as needed, ensuring you always have the right level of support without overburdening your internal team.

Outsourcing your contact center to a trusted partner like Servicing Solutions not only mitigates risks but also enhances your ability to deliver exceptional customer service consistently. With our multiple sites, you gain a resilient and scalable solution that adapts to your business needs, ensuring continuity and excellence in every customer interaction.


Are you ready to start a conversation?

Before outsourcing, make sure you’ve considered the following:

Clearly defined outsourcing goals

Cost savings are not the only objective

Potential benefits from the outsourcer’s expertise

Viewing the relationship as a partnership

Having a stable team, processes, and knowledge base

Unified stakeholders with clear objectives

Experienced decision-makers familiar with your business

Established metrics for measuring success

If you’re prepared, contact Servicing Solutions to discuss how we can help enhance your customer service operations.