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Interview: Andrew Coffey and Jeff McCown Discuss Upcoming Growth for Servicing Solutions

Servicing Solutions is embarking on a journey toward the future and has big plans for 2024. In a recent conversation with our Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew Coffey, and our Vice President of Business Process Management, Jeff McCown, I gained valuable insights into the vision and strategy driving our organization’s growth. Exciting prospects lie ahead, including expansion, team building, and the ongoing alignment that makes our organization so unique. Read on to find out how we are charting a course for success in the coming year.

Adrian Frattini (AF): It’s an exciting time as we look ahead to our plans for growth in the coming year. Can you share some of your vision?

Andrew Coffey (AC): Absolutely. I’m thrilled about the possibilities. This year, we’re focused on expansion, and headcount growth is a top priority at the moment. We aim to increase our staffing headcount this year significantly, and as you know, we are also adding a couple of folks to our team in the new Vice President of Sales and Sales Development Representative roles. I know Jeff also has plans to expand as well, some of which have already been accomplished.

Jeff McCown (JM): That’s right, my team has recently made some key additions and is looking for more talent with managerial and operations phone experience. We are building out our team to be more specialized, and developing a culture of ownership, accountability, and excellence.

AF: How do you both envision plugging these resources into our current process?

JM: Really, this is a combination of efforts to enhance and, in some cases, revamp current processes. The ultimate goal is to improve effectiveness while creating efficiencies throughout the entire life cycle of a loan.

AC: The VP of Sales will be somewhat of a pioneer of this organization. Their initial focus will be on driving revenue for the organization. They will be a closing member of our sales team and a source of experience to help us continue iterating. As for the SDR, they will be working closely with you on our lead generation efforts.

AF: One thing I truly appreciate about our organization is the emphasis on alignment, which is likely made easier by the current size of our team. Are either of you concerned about losing some of that in adding new teammates?

Jeff: Honestly, it’s not really a concern, as we are focused on building a team-based environment. I feel confident that our infrastructure is built for scalability and growth while maintaining cohesion.

AC: Collaboration is vital, and to your point, we do a great job with that already. Our current team works very closely with each other in a very dynamic way, which we can maintain even with new teammates. The key will be finding the right people who fit into that environment. Overall, I think adding more resources will only benefit our current system, and we are poised to fold them in without too much disruption.

AF: Absolutely, and we have a solid pipeline of candidates for both roles. What else will be important in ensuring their success from the start?

Jeff: The flexibility to be selective in the recruitment process helps ensure we bring in like-minded professionals who desire to join a team with a shared vision. It is imperative we bring in quality talent that will deliver an experience that our clients and customers both expect. All of this is geared to not only provide but also improve and maximize portfolio performance and value to all stakeholders.

AC: I agree, and as Jeff mentioned earlier, we put a lot of time into refining our processes so they are built to scale and identifying the right resources like HubSpot and ZoomInfo to ensure we remain organized and ahead. Our iterative nature will always allow us to optimize where needed quickly.

AF: Couldn’t agree more. Is there anything else you’d like to share regarding our growth plans for the upcoming year?

Jeff: I’m excited about the growth potential and culture enhancements with our focus on ownership, accountability, and excellence at every level. We are embracing a mindset of continuous improvement.

AC: I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities ahead. With the right team and strategy, I’m confident we can achieve our growth targets and continue to drive success for the company.

Andrew and Jeff’s enthusiasm is contagious, as the growth mindset is palpable here. Are you interested in learning more about the opportunity to join our growing team? Visit our Careers Page to apply today!