Press Release

Servicing Solutions Named Servicer in LoanMe Securitization

Anaheim, CA, June 27, 2018 – LoanMe is pleased to announce the completion of its first Prime 15-year (100 mm) consumer unsecured loan securitization. As part of this transaction, LoanMe tapped Performance Trust for securitization duties and Servicing Solutions as Servicer.

“Performance Trust provides a unique combination of access to investors,” said Jonathan Williams, CEO, LoanMesaid. “Their deep reach into the country’s community financial institutions market, as well as outstanding penetration into the more traditional institutional investor market, made them an ideal partner for our transaction.”

Performance Trust is increasingly seen as the go-to Capital Markets partner for first-time, unique or less understood asset types, as they frequently employ innovative structures. Mike Kelly leads the Capital Markets business at Performance Trust.

“Our 24-year history of focusing on client education and putting their interests first was critical in helping Jonathan and his team get their first securitization successfully completed,” Mr. Kelly said. “We are passionate about delivering outstanding funding solutions to originators while creating high quality assets for our core customer base.”

About LoanMe

LoanMe, located in Anaheim, California,  is a state licensed unsecured lender providing both Consumer and Small Business loans. LoanMe has originated approximately $1.2Billion in Unsecured loans across numerous states since its inception in 2014.

About Performance Trust

Performance Trust is committed to helping financial institutions improve their long-term performance and deliver shareholder value. We teach them our Shape Management® methodology—the disciplined application of Total Return and Scenario Analysis—in order to help them better quantify and execute risk/reward decisions. By understanding the true nature of the risk/reward scenarios they are faced with, institutions will be able to make better decisions and generate potential wealth over time.

About Servicing Solutions

Servicing Solutions is powered by compliance, technology, analytics, and a management team of experienced industry leaders that are impassioned to protect the value of your brand, portfolio, and investment.  Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Servicing Solutions has additional Class A call center facilities in Anaheim, California and Tijuana, Mexico.  The company’s core management team has been intact for the past 13 years and has serviced assets across the credit spectrum.  This has led to a powerful loan servicing organization with core advantages in compliance, technology and analytics, training and scalability.