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On the Road!

Next week, Del Meeks, Andrew Coffey, and Star Thomas will be attending the ABS East conference in Miami. We are excited to network with thousands of professionals in the financial services industry and have been working hard to pack our schedule with meetings, networking events, and panel discussions. If you are attending, feel free to take a look at our calendar to set up some time or reach out to us directly to coordinate something during the event or beyond.

Additionally, you can feel free to swing by our conference headquarters, Booth #49, where Del, Andrew, and Star will spend their time between activities. Check out an overview of what to expect below:



Del and Star will return home after ABS East, but Andrew and Jeff McCown are heading to Las Vegas for next week’s Auto and Powersports Finance Summits. Andrew will join Donal Hummer and Riley Wolfbauer for a panel discussion on risk management in powersports on Tuesday, 10/31, at 2:45pm PT and will spend the remainder of his time networking in the conference halls for both PSFS and AFS with Jeff.

We are eager to connect with as many members of our community as possible while we are in Miami and Las Vegas over the next few weeks, so get in touch with us today if you are interested!