Training & Development

Effective Employee Training is an Ongoing Process

In my last blog post, I talked about why a company’s employee training program should be one of the critical factors considered prior to selecting a loan servicing and customer service partner.

Sure, a great training program is something that most companies tout.  However, in my experience, it’s often something that is done all-too-often only at the beginning of employment as a one-time event.

The Gateway Training program we have at Servicing Solutions is one of the best examples of our refusal to treat employee training as anything other than a top priority.   Rather, it speaks to our commitment to providing ongoing training, ensuring that the most capable and qualified professionals are interacting with customers at every touchpoint.

So just what is Gateway Training?  In simple terms, it is the continuation of new hire classroom training on the floor. At Servicing Solutions, it was developed with the understanding that even after successful formal “classroom,” training, call center employees need continued guidance and assistance when it comes to applying the information and skills learned in new hire training.

With that in mind, we see Gateway Training as an extension of classroom training that can last up to three months, depending on the position. We extend the learning environment that was created in the classroom onto the floor where the new associates are doing their job.  Th goal is to hone their skills through the continuation of the teaching and training process.

As new employees begin, we implement a team approach using development tools like side-by-sides to identify team trends and then to review and/or train as a group.  We have a Gateway calendar for each position that identifies which topic to cover when. The corresponding Gateway guide that the supervisor follows defines the content to cover and the necessary tools to reinforce the learning. Throughout the guide, there are check-points to serve as reminders to the supervisor to determine whether the employees have effectively mastered the content before moving on. Using this process, we have found that new associates are more successful sooner, and they on their way to a long and productive career with Servicing Solutions.

Focus on What’s Being Done Right

Gateway Training is not intended to have a “gotcha” tone where employees are afraid to make mistakes.  Rather, by working collaboratively with supervisors, we lean our focus towards what the employee has done right, while of course offering redirection when necessary.

This collaborative approach leads to a much higher level of engagement with new associates, and lets them experience scenarios and challenges with the confidence of having a supervisor guide them.

To summarize, Gateway Training is an approach benefits both the employer and employee, and will:

  • Continue the learning process while transitioning to the floor
  • Promote productivity while in a learning environment
  • Lead to earlier success

Your loan servicing partner is an extension of your brand.  When choosing a partner, don’t be afraid to ask if their training programs will produce the type of professionals you’d want representing you.