Embedded Servicing

Servicing Solutions is a leading provider of Embedded Servicing as a Service (ESaaS): the integration of outsourced services into a company’s existing operations. ESaaS is a seamless, intuitive experience that supports businesses in their growth and operational efficiency.

Service Experience

Customer Support: Providing assistance and resolving queries for customers via phone, email, or chat.

Technical Support: Assisting customers with troubleshooting technical issues related to products or services.

Live Chat Support: Offering real-time assistance and support to customers through live chat on websites or mobile apps.

Order Processing: Handling orders, payments, and tracking shipments for customers.

Appointment Scheduling: Managing and scheduling appointments for clients or customers.

Surveys and Feedback Collection: Conducting surveys or collecting feedback from customers to gather insights and improve products or services.

Account Management: Managing accounts, updating customer information, and handling account-related inquiries.

Complaint Resolution: Addressing and resolving complaints or issues raised by customers.

Social Media Management: Monitoring and responding to customer inquiries or comments on social media platforms.

Multilingual Support: Providing support services in multiple languages to cater to diverse customer bases.

Emergency Response Services: Handling emergency calls or providing assistance during crisis situations.

Virtual Assistant Services: Offering administrative support such as email management, calendar scheduling, and data entry.

Technical Troubleshooting Guides: Creating and providing self-help guides or troubleshooting tips for common technical issues.

Product Information and Education: Providing customers with information about products or services and educating them on how to use them effectively.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring: Monitoring call center interactions to ensure adherence to quality standards and providing feedback to agents for improvement.

Market Research: Conducting surveys or interviews with customers to gather insights on market trends, preferences, and behavior.

Data Entry and Data Management: Handling data entry tasks such as updating customer records, entering survey responses, or maintaining databases.

Event Registration and Ticketing: Assisting customers with registering for events, purchasing tickets, and providing event-related information.

Technical Documentation: Creating and updating technical documentation, user manuals, or FAQs to assist customers with product usage.

Membership and Subscription Management: Managing memberships, subscriptions, or loyalty programs for customers and providing support related to membership benefits or rewards.

Billing and Payment Support: Assisting customers with billing inquiries, processing payments, and resolving billing-related issues.

Travel and Reservation Services: Providing assistance with travel bookings, hotel reservations, flight inquiries, or itinerary planning.

Recruitment Support: Assisting with recruitment processes such as conducting initial screenings, scheduling interviews, and coordinating candidate communications.

Healthcare Support: Providing healthcare-related support services such as appointment scheduling, insurance verification, or prescription refills.

Financial Services Support: Assisting with financial inquiries, account management, or loan application processes for banking, lending, or investment institutions.

Product Returns and Exchanges: Handling returns, exchanges, or refunds for products purchased by customers and facilitating the return process.

Legal and Compliance Support: Providing assistance with legal inquiries, compliance requirements, or regulatory issues relevant to the business.

E-commerce Support: Assisting with e-commerce activities such as order tracking, product recommendations, or website navigation support.

Community Engagement and Support: Engaging with online communities or forums to address customer questions, provide support, or gather feedback.

Educational Services: Offering educational resources, tutorials, or training sessions to help customers better understand products or services.

Remote Technical Assistance: Providing remote technical support to customers for software installation, troubleshooting, or software updates.

Customized Reporting and Analytics: Generating customized reports and analytics to provide insights into customer interactions, trends, and performance metrics.

Fraud Prevention and Security: Implementing measures to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring the security of customer information and transactions.

Employee Hotline Services: Offering a dedicated hotline for employees to report concerns, seek assistance, or access HR-related support services.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support: Providing support and assistance in the event of a disaster or business disruption to ensure continuity of operations and minimal impact on customer service.